Congratulations on your engagement! now that you are about to embark on your wedding planning, we know that getting started can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.
Introducing the Visionaries: These elite wedding specialists are the area's industry leaders in their field and come with a high recommendation from Angela's Bridal. You can be assured that you will have nothing but the highest quality of advice and service when working with them.
The Visionaries will strive to achieve your personal vision and will ensure that all you have imagined is turned into a reality.

Visionary Vendors

Visionary Bridal Show

Visionary Bridal is a niche bridal show providing a unique approach to selecting wedding specialists. It's about enjoying the experience of selecting the wedding specialist for your special day. In a low pressure environment.
"I wanted brides to attend “An Experience” not just a bridal show" Janet Cooper, Visionary creator and owner of Albany based Angela's Bridal commented, "Planning a wedding and selecting the right specialist to help is incredibly stressful. Visionary is about enjoying the process of selecting wedding specialists in a low pressure yet highly interactive environment.”
Janet continued, "The modern bride knows what she wants, she has a clear vision for her wedding day.  Often it's a challenge to get the time with wedding service providers to really understand what they are all about. Visionary  provides the solution to that problem"
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