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Apr 26 2017

Your best friends, go-to gals, right-hand ladies, and partners in crime- your bridesmaids. They are the ladies standing next to you on one of the most important and memorable days of your life. As you walk down the aisle to your husband to be, it’s important that your girls look good! And with that, we have the infamous bridesmaid dress. Chiffon, lace, satin, sequins and sparkle, matching or mismatched, whatever your style, we’ve got you covered here at Angela’s. But with every decision made in the wedding planning process, it’s important to be well educated. So we decided to save you on the hassle of “Googling” away on your iPhone or computer and give you the details you need!

  1. Our bridesmaid dresses take 4-6 months to come in! Keep this in mind when starting to look/order your dresses! If your wedding is sooner than a 6-month timeframe, a rush fee will have to be added to every dress order per the designer.
  2. Every designer is different; therefore, their sizing is different. We always base your size off your measurements (bust, waist hips!) & style of dress. Typically, your bridesmaid size is going to be bigger than your off-the-rack size. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal!
  3. We don’t place a bridesmaid order until the last bridesmaid in your party orders and places their 65% down payment. Why? Because we want your entire bridal party to be cut from the same fabric, and have the same production time.
  4. Bridesmaid alterations typically take about 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on the dress & seamstress. We recommend booking your alteration appointment in advance to guarantee enough time (we do not provide in-house bridesmaid alterations at Angela’s, however, we do have recommendations for the best seamstresses around! Just give us a call!)
  5. Remember, colors of dresses in person versus online arenot exactly the same.Designers try to get their stock/editorial photos as close to the actual color as possible, however, the coloring in person will look a bit different. 

Some tips from the Angela’s Bridal girls:

  • If you’re newly engaged, we recommend taking a look at bridesmaid dresses alone first. Doing this will give you a good idea of what’s out there- style, fabric, color, price, etc. That way, when you book your appointment to bring all of your girls in, you already know what to expect and you’ll feel less overwhelmed- and who doesn’t love that?
  • Utilize your consultant! Here at Angela’s, you get one consultant who is dedicated to you and your party- they are there to zip ya, clip ya, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Bridesmaid dresses in the store are sample sizes; they will not fit you perfectly. However, you can always ask your consultant to clip you- that way, you can see approximately how the dress will fit when it’s your size.
  •  Every designer carries different colors. For example, a burgundy dress will vary in color depending on the designer. That is why it is so important to take a look at swatches!
  • Last but not least, do your research! If you have a vision for your bridesmaids, or want to know what a certain color/style will look like with your dress/venue, hop on the computer, open your Pinterest app, or crack open a bridal magazine, and get inspired! This will make things easier for you when choosing the perfect dress for your best girls!

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