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Mothers (of Brides and Grooms) Day

May 05 2011

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Mother of the bride and groom shopping can sometimes be a challenging  task. Times are changing and more recently, mothers are trying to find dresses that don't look like, 'mother of the bride'.  They don't want formal gowns with long sleeved jackets, they want a dress that is comfortable, sexy and speaks their personal style. However, they are often leaving boutiques empty handed…

Mothers Dress or Occasions Dress?
At Angela's Bridal we have noticed trends from the past are changing now when it comes to mothers dresses. Now, mothers are starting to wear special occasion dresses that celebrate the female figure. Leave the jackets behind and go for a simple shawl instead, who wants to be bogged down with a long sleeved jacket when they are out on the dance floor anyways?

Fully beaded dresses are being replaced with simple gowns and more extravagant accessories to make a classic elegant statement. Being the mother of the bride or groom is an important role to play, and you want to be as confident as possible to celebrate the happy occasion.

Mothers May Offer
To celebrate all the moms in our lives for the month of May, Angela's Bridal is offering 15% off all mothers gown purchases.

For more details or to schedule an appointment, call us at 518-8691848.

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